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    Quote Originally Posted by camp800 View Post

    My question is; would a reputable, local resdidential HVAC contractor install such a unit for a fee for the material and labor?
    say what?? is this a trick? common bring out the cameras..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascone10 View Post
    say what?? is this a trick? common bring out the cameras..
    HI Im Chris Hanson with Dateline NBC, would you like to explain what you are doing here with that 20yr old furnace, and bag of sheet metal tools......

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    It will cost you more to do it the way you propose. If you cant let go of the money, try calling a good contractor of your choice and working out some kind of a trade. Maybe you have a service you could offer them at a discount. Maybe you could come up with some refferals etc...., this would be a better approach than trying to approach a contractor to do business with equipment you bought online.

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    Hey camp800!

    I 'm getting rid of a Bryant. Gimme 300Bucks and it's yours.

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