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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    terminations are approved the way they are. mesh screens could cause freeze up problems under some conditions.
    I agree, I've taken out screens on intake pipes due to frost build up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayguy View Post
    I agree, I've taken out screens on intake pipes due to frost build up.
    Well I've taken rodents, birds, and bugs out of intake and exhaust pipes because of no screens so I guess we cancel each other out. Anyways, they are required by code in my area, as is the purple pvc cleaner I had previously mentioned.

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    Bugs, birds, rodents, might be found in teh fall.

    Frozen screens happen when it cold out. Customers are not less happy theni n teh fall when it was 50 outside.

    We pull the screens after inspection.
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    I was actually wondering about screens or protection of some sort, after the install. I looked at a few others in adjacent houses, none of which had screens either, so I just figured "eh, I guess that's how it is!" lol

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