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    Lack of Cooling Call

    Went on a call-out to a lack of cooling call. New customer, not home. Pulled into the driveway to find an obvious newer addition on the house. This can't be good. 2 Ton A/C with matched coil.

    Note left with baby-sitter (think 80 year old and wrinkly - no fantasies here) said "worked last year."

    Opened door to unfinished part of celler to find:

    Then I made it to the furnace. Looks like Mr. Owner tied into the the HUM terminal on the circuit board with...what's this? A dimmer switch!!

    Gotta love the Romex with no connectors. Romex in spade terminals directly on the board...

    And what does this dimmer run? Look Benji! A duct booster!

    Conclusion...A/C too small with addition on house. Addition not cooling due to crushed flex duct.

    Still waiting to find out if the customer wants his job piped properly; A/C & heat upgraded.
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    Most dimmers specifically say "Not to be used as a motor speed control" right on the packaging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amd View Post
    Most dimmers specifically say "Not to be used as a motor speed control" right on the packaging.
    That is ONLY VALID if you know how to read.....

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