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Thread: Cordless vacuum

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    Cordless vacuum

    I'm looking to purchase a cordless shop vac primarily for cleaning drain lines. Dewalt offers a couple. One is a 1/2 gallon capacity and the other is 2 gallons and can be used either corded or not. Does anyone have either of these? Are they strong enough? Currently I have a "Stinger" corded Vac and would like to switch to a cordless as long as I don't lose power. Any input is appreciated.
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    I've got the 2 gallon Dewalt and it works great. I think it will take any of the batteries from 12v and up to 18v. It has good suction. I had to empty an emergency catch pan under a air handler the other day. It was 12 foot in the air and a pain to get to and I got it all sucked out (about 30 gallons) on one 18v battery. Hope that helps...
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    Dewalt dc500....I don't know if it's still available but it's rock solid and has held up many years and still goes strong if you clean it often.

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    I have the 2 gallon and my 18 volt battery only lasts 10-15 mins on a full charge other than that great vac

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    i have the rigid coedless vac and i am very pleased with it, and it uses the old or new style batteries. i just lasts a lil longer than 15 minutes with the li-ion batteries
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    Dewalt 2 gallon one here. I've had it now for a couple years and it holds up great. Battery life isn't bad and it sucks like an ugly prom date. If your near an outlet, it'll switch to ac power automatically when you plug it in.

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