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    continental chiller problem/ question


    I don't know if anyone can help me but here is the situation:

    We currently have a Continental Chiller installed in 1998. I am told it was a custom-built Scrollpac air cooled unit with twelve@15 ton Trane scroll compressors. The model number is either as MMA-180 or CSA-180
    (dependending if you take it from the user manual or the MCS control software)

    The unit has had some major problems and required a mechanical re-build.
    The barrell needed gaskets replaced because of cross-bleeding, several compressors needed to be replaced and now that that work is done, the mechanic has now discovered that someone (perhaps deliberately) has cut the leads from the flow-switch and removed the drawing of where the wire would terminate on the control panel off the door of the machine.

    Needless to say this is a bit of a pain! Calls to both Trane and Continental have not produced any archived drawings.There were 4 sheets on the door and the missing drawing number is eb-2329B.

    I realize that this is a real shot in the dark, but is there anyone out there that might have a continental MMA-180 or CSA-180 chiller out there that might have the control panel drawings?

    I hoping that perhaps the panel would have a similar layout. The flow switch does not seem to terminate into the MCS-8 controller, but rather on an electrical bus bar tied to a electrical switch. ( as only 1 wire of the 2 to the flow switch was cut.)

    Any ideas or is this a situation where the entire panel has to be traced out and back-engineered to figure out the landing of the flow switch wires?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Download the mCS software here.
    Program it to what you need. You may need a password to access the unit. Or call MCS, their tech support is pretty good.
    To much work with too little time!!!!

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    I can already get into the MCS-8 That's not the problem. (And you're right the folks at MCS are very nice) Problem is someone sabotaged the usnt controls buy cutting the flow switch leads and removing the drawing.
    The MCS does not have an input set up for the flow switch- I already had them dial into the unit. The problem is the flow switch wire( 12 awg); one terminates on an electrical bus terminal strip and the other was and pulled back into the conduit so we can see where it was supposed to go. The panel has a lot of wires.

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