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    a list of mission impossible political thoughts

    Here is the link to another column by Clyde Wilson, who is known for not parcing words.
    This one is about what political efforts would be termed "mission impossible".
    ....okay...commentary, commentary. Where to begin?

    Well, you ought to know by now that he took a stab right at me with the very first line. His assessment of "free market" economics is that there is some management (by what level of government???) needed.

    Otherwise, why would he not view that as a simple free market transaction?

    I have what that company needs, in terms of capital(labor and/or knowhow), and they have compensation. What more do you need to know?
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    The problem with all those interesting one-liners is that they don't expound on any special circumstances and they don't read between the lines.

    That's the same type of narrow minded garbage that the liberal parties are always blaming on the conservatives.

    I'm much better off parsing through the 'jokes' section of google rather than reading that BS.

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    Is that all?? Did he run out of ink, or break his pencil? That sort of mindless liberal blather could be spewed out by any average high school punk trying to make it to 500 words on his essay. Talk about stereotyping.......Maybe he sholud try getting a job writing bumper stickers.....

    That's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
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