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    Turning down aquastat during summer months

    have a Carlin 100CRD oil burner in an H.B. Smith boiler (series FD12 4 section).

    The burner provides heat only (I have a separate gas hot water heater). During the summer the only thing the oil burner is doing is keeping it's water temp up. I hear it go on a few times a day for a short period.

    In the past I have been told by 2 different techs that turning this boiler off is bad, I don't remember the exact reason but I just left it on as they recommended.
    Obviously, being oil fired I can't ignore the cost of running it in the summer now, which was not as much a concern in the past.

    Currently, the low setting is 160deg and the high setting is 180deg. Would it be OK to have these turned down, so that it is coming on less often and maybe for less time? What do you advise?

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    My tech was just here doing the yearly cleaning and tune up. I asked this question and he said that it is no problem to do this for the summer. He advised that I only needed to turn the low side down, he set it to 120 and showed me how to turn it back up to 160 before I start using heat again. Normally this is not a real savings but it could be worth doing now with the prices being so high per gallon of oil. Any little bit helps especially since it is so easy to do.

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    For many years cold start was the thing to do, more recently many believe in warm start, so as to keep your oil fired boiler cleaner, without all the deposits getting as hard as cement.

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