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    Ice maker head unit.

    I have a 18 year old U-Line under counter ice maker model WH98, and
    the ejector motor is going south. This is the old style head with
    component version.

    Is there anywhere I can buy just the motor, 120vac. I have looked
    at buying the entire head, but hard to tell if it is the modular style,
    or component style. Mine is component style.

    I can not buy a new ice maker, as new ones by U-Line are bigger,
    and it is not feasable to redo my wood cabinet.

    I have snooped around on the net, and found some that might
    work, but thought someone here would know something that is
    correct the first time.


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    Get as close as you can to the current head and then make adjustments.Several companies have custom order capability too

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    Well I found one, looks like you have to go back to 2000 or older to
    get a component version.

    Nothing like getting your answer by going deep into the internet.

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