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    Quality Question

    All the Tech's out there:

    I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum lately.
    Has anyone ever dealt with this brand: HAIER
    A reputable seller on EBAY has a 5 TON HAIER Heat Pump for 70 percent less than a Goodman HP of the same tonnage.

    Is this just the standard you get what you pay for difference?
    I am not out to bash any brand, I am just wondering what the HUGEE price difference includes??


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    Only 12 SEER

    Could be an unfair comparison because this is only a 12 SEER device (how can SEER be quoted anyway without knowing details of the air mover and evap coil?) and the Goodman should be at least 13.

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    That is true, The Goodman is a 13SEER.

    But isn't a drop of 1 SEER a difference of about 8 percent energy usage?
    I plan on only being in this house another 2 years maximum.
    At less than 700 dollars for a 5 Ton heat pump that has me wondering.
    Even if it is a 11 SEER, I would consider. Depending on reliability.

    But if I should have 8X the service issues for that price, adios!

    Anyone with experience with this brand?

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    You're comparing a single unit with a system that includes both the indoor and outdoor unit. You'll want a matching indoor unit with that Haier heat pump.

    How are you going to have the system installed? Most, if not all, manufacturers will not warrant a system if they realize that it was purchased via the internet.

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    Yes, another 700 dollars.

    Thats still almost half the price of the Goodman, with no Strip Heat for the HAIER though. The Goodman had 10KW.
    That's OK I shouldnt need Heat Strip with my setup.

    I always go into "what's the catch mode" when comparing products with such a HUGE price difference.

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    Ive had some "fun" times with HAIER tech support. I had a customer call them and insist i talk to them to make my diagnosis. My company did not install this and he had called us because of the system being 26 months old.....he had had the guy who put it in out 4 times already. I find defective defrost control and the tech support people put me through to god knows who and instead of sending a board. They send the man whole new indoor and outdoor units. They didnt seem all that intelligent on the phone and if they are going to send "new" units for a defrost control...that tells me they have some serious issues. I would stay away from them and go with the goodman

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    See this is what I am talking about !

    All those who experienced something with this brand good bad , one way or the other , your replies are helpful !

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    its cheap for a reason. You have to pay for quality

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    I just checked the ARI website, and I see the new models certified have a D1 designation.

    The EBAY offer had a C1

    I emld the seller to ask, but I'm going to guess it is discontinued and therefore oh so cheap
    Rock bottom prices

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    junk from China..........

    would not want to wait for factory shipped parts..............

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    nuff said..

    This thread is closed !

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    junk from China..........

    would not want to wait for factory shipped
    Since 'this thread is closed', the OP shouldn't mind if I ask T5 if all their products are junk. I was considering buying one of their stand-alone dehumidifiers.


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    Is this the same guy who posted the pic of the frozen heat pump?

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