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    2 Story House 1 Air Handler on 1st floor....1 on 2nd floor

    Now...I keep hearing different things about ...only using one air handler in the basement cool the entire house..
    zone dampers anyone ?

    I have found in my... 19 yrs of service works best if you have..
    2 systems ...
    one for each floor....
    zone dampers..
    But....where is the cost savings
    or is there ?
    and what happens ...when both floors are calling ?
    Keep it simple
    Air Handler......for each floor


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    Both methods work, and both methods have their pros and cons.

    2 units: Cost more to insall, twice the maintanence cost. Redundency if one unit breaks down.

    1 unit zoned: Cost less to install, better whole house air circulation during milder temp days. Over sized for any 1 zone.
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