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    What do you guys think Brute II or Titan Manifold in 4 valve?

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    the titan set is what i use. they are smaller (interior bore) and lighter than the brute set up. i do mostly residential and light commercial. if i were working on systems 15tons and larger i would use the big bore gauges to help speed things up
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    If someone wants to try out some aspects of a four valve, just take your old 2 valve manifold and put a VCRT equipped with a side port, like the YellowJacket one, on the old two valve manifold center port ("VCRT" : I had to try out that one!). You'll get a center port tap with a ball valve through to another center port tap. Cap off the center side port and mostly just use your regular three hoses. The center port ball valve lets you flow from high side to low side without going down the center hose and whatever it's hooked up to. I did this to my old favorite manifold years ago, then added schrader side ports to the other two old manifold ports also. I later got a Titan 4 valve which I like, but still mostly use my old modified 2 valve one. Hey! Some of the guys here did not like their YJ core tool anyway (like Mr Smokin68) and now it can be put to good use.
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