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    I took the blower fan out and cleaned it really well. I also cleaned the evap and condenser. It embarrasses me to admit that the whole problem was a clogged condenser. The unit doesnt have a wire cage around it but more of sheet metal panels with slits so I couldn't see the coil. Since there was a 25° (alt 0176 thanks iraqveteran) TD across it I figured that it was doing a good job getting rid of heat. Also I did not think a clogged condenser would jack the pressures up to such an extreme. Unfortunately I left my temperature probe on another job the day before so I couldnt get the new superheat. On a good note I learned something from this call.

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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    nlovas, good to hear you found the problem - dirty conden coil. Realy high head, high suction make sense.
    I am curious to learn why you got so much SC (25F)?
    Could it be overcharge as well that gives you 475 head and that SC?

    Quote Originally Posted by nlovas View Post
    I looked at a 12 year old 10seer Trane R22 split system today and could not solve the problem.
    Complaint: AC runs and cools but not sufficiently.
    First thing I did was to check the pressures: 90 and 475 on R22 system, 82 degree outside ambient.
    Then I took Superheat 38 and Subcool 25. BTW this is a distributer tube metering device so I know to concentrate on the Superheat.
    Next I took temperature differentials across the Condenser 25 and Evap 9.
    I looked around to see how dirty the coils other parts are and the coils did not look especially dirty so I did nothing to clean them. The furnace fan did have much buildup on the blades though.

    What I'm stuck on is that both pressures are very high and the superheat is very high also. Advise please.

    BTW how do I make a degree sign on the keyboard?

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    No insulation on the suction line....

    Edit: better late then if dead wrong.

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