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    Quote Originally Posted by jackt View Post
    Replacing the cap tube may not be hard but, installing the correct size and length can be a pain. Its real important to have the correct one. With your system equalizing so quickly, I would guess that your compressor is bad.
    This is why I say don't mess with the cap tube it must be the exact same size and length, and you can not cut a cap tube you must have a fatory replacement available

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    I've installed many cap tubes that need to be cut in the field for whatever application you may have. The roll came with a chart to tell you what length you needed depending on a lot of different factors (refrigerant,static or fan cooled). I usually scored the tube all the way around with a small file and then it will break apart without leaving any inside blockage. I guess I'm showing my age because that use to be the only way I could purchase and use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markettech View Post
    I haven't been around much in the last couple of months..........but my memory isn't THAT short.

    Good luck
    Its been a while but

    When I have trouble remembering something I used to blame my brain and everything being compressed through my cap
    and suspected it was just too tight.

    Now I can tell my mind had just been leaking out slowly over time when I loose my cool
    “If You Can Dodge A Wrench You Can Dodge A Ball”

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