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    blown out fan transformer

    My AC was working well up until three days ago when guys working on my condominium roof switched off power to my AC unit while we were trying to run it. We did not realize that the unit was off until the temp jumped 15 degrees.
    Could trying to run the ac while it had no power cause the fan transformer to malfunction and short a day later? Thank you for any feed back.

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    if they were working around the a/c they could have damaged the low voltage wiring though...........

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    low voltage wiring

    Got permission to go up on the roof from HOA. looks like two thin wires that run from the unit are badly weathered and the insulation is worn off. The guys working up there probably caused then to touch and short out my fan transformer, they were moving the unit around up there. I hopefully will be able to get a guy out to replace them today. Thanks for your help.

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