about two weeks ago i noticed the air seemed to be running but no cooling. the compressor was not running. I removed the cover and found the red wire on the relay going to the compressor burnt off. It looked very corroded so I cut it back put on a new connector hooked it back up and everything worked. fast forward two weeks . Air cond not cooling checked unit just humming checked wires this
time the orange wire going to the compressor and the white wire on compressor side of relay were burned up . repaired them and everything is ok. I must be pulling to much current. for some reason the wires are burning but not tripping the breakers . The unit is a fifteen years old keeprite ( low green unit) any suggestions ? Does this sound like a terminal problem or is it repairable at a reasonable price. I already got a quote for a new Trane furnace and heat pump combo. which was not outrageous with all the
government rebate programs they are running in Canada. I guess i need to decide if it is worth fixing and putting off the enevitable till next year