Thanks for the reply. Also, I'll be reasonable when the company tech comes out to try and help me.

I'm a contractor myself, and I don't plan on letting him explain away my problem with technical lingo. If he has professional options to offer, I will consider them.

Otherwise, I'll just find another HVAC contractor who will at least try and deal straight with me, (me not knowing as much as you guys).

BTW..the living room is a slanted ceiling with no crawl space. No place to even step to put another vent anywhere there, unless I want twins. That's OK. I was even thinking of putting a small vent in the hallway. Maybe not, lol. There's crawl space access over at my dining room. Wow, that might actually be a good idea. It would take the load of that little vent that serves both my kitchen and dining room.

First things first. I will let you know what he addresses when he shows up.