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    Looking for Dual Zone Thermostat Help

    Seems like there's a product out there for every situation. I just haven't found what I'm looking for yet. Help please? Here's how the house is set up. Downstairs has a 4 ton unit with its own dedicated thermostat. I just installed a new 1.5 ton unit upstairs and it has its own dedicated thermostat. (Adding a second unit upstairs was the only option and my last choice BTW). Is there a thermostat with a remote control and/or sending unit that can control both units? Or, how about one thermostat for each unit with a remote that shows a readount of the actual temperature upstairs on the remote, so that you don't have to constantly run up and down the stairs to adjust? I have seen the RF remotes with the up/down buttons, but what good are those if you don't know what temperature the thermostat is reading? I think the ideal scenario would be two individual dedicated thermostats and one RF remote control with digital display that could control both. Anyone know of such a system?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    could have 2 thermostats in one central location with remote sensors in each area....

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