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    Install UVC ,and throw away the filter???

    Anyone installing these or believe their claims??

    TV station ran a segment on how great they are,you can comment here;
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    Check out this blog and the evergreen site above.

    Same address as the Clarion Better Health filter of a few years back.

    Try this one :

    Here's what's posted so far far;

    Posted by Sharon Bard, Tampa, Florida on 07/21 at 01:32 PM

    I have the Everlean Green and it is a wonderful product. I would recommend it to anyone with allergies!!

    Posted by Wil Bigelow, Everclean Green HQ offices, Sandy, UT on 07/18 at 06:59 PM

    MERV rating not needed for Everclean Green. The problem with MERV rated filters is they severely restrict system airflow, increasing energy consumption, but also a medium for bionesting of germs that’s spread into home. The same for the bionesting at the dark, damp A/C coil. Everclean Green is not a filter, but an advanced force field of invisable energy eliminating need for an HVAC filter completely. Yet, it eliminates the largest source of indoor allergens, germs, toxins and house dust, freeing up system airflow and improving energy efficiency - system becomes “Self-Cleaning.” No need to worry about cleaning or replacing a dirty filter. For more information, call Air Masters in Tampa, at 813-234-2419.

    Posted by Brian Jackson, Tampa on 07/18 at 04:29 PM

    I could be wrong, but since it is not a filter i dont know how it could have a merv rating.

    Posted by David Hutchins, Crystal River on 07/17 at 05:02 PM

    not much of any info. on the everclean website,to offer and proof or facts.

    It should have a merv rating,standard by which filters are rated .

    Posted by katherine Flint, Tampa on 07/17 at 02:50 PM

    I have this product and it is amazing.

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    More claims:

    Or read it here:

    The Nation’s Leading Energy Hog Flies Under The
    National Radar -- Wasting Billions!
    …And Florida Has An Even Bigger Problem…
    Sandy, UT (July 20, 2008) – The price of oil is currently averaging above $125 per barrel - gas at the
    pump climbs to record heights, over $4.05 per gallon nationally. The furor over the cost of energy has
    never been higher. Yet for all our talk about conservation and energy savings, we virtually ignore an
    energy waste so gigantic it sucks up millions of barrels of oil and tons of coal.
    Why, you might ask, does such a large waste fly under the radar? Well, most of the nation’s attention
    goes to the use of oil in the automobile industry. We can all relate to the pain we experience at the gas
    pump as the price of gas shoots ever and ever upward. However, many don’t realize that another energy
    hog, which wastes more energy than any other area nationwide, lurks deep within the recesses of their
    Currently, there are 113.4-million homes in the country, which use approximately 1,395-billion kWh of
    electricity (35.6% of the national use of 3,909-billion kWh). As part of this number, the nation’s 89-
    million household heating-A/C systems use about 624-billion kWh. However, here’s the kicker: these
    millions of units operate at approximately 34-percent below their efficiency standards, wasting some
    212-billion kWh. To put it into perspective, this waste would be enough to power 17.2 million homes for
    over one year!
    Simply stated, we are staring in the face of perhaps the largest single waste of energy nationwide. Even
    though autos consume more energy, the waste is nothing compared to heating-A/C systems. And yet,
    little, if anything, is being done to deal with the scale of the problem.
    But there is even a bigger problem for Florida.
    Florida uses approximately 6 percent of the nation’s electrical energy. That’s not necessarily the issue.
    However, would it surprise you to learn that Florida consumes about 52% of its electricity for its homes
    compared to the national average of about 36%. And since residential air conditioning and heating
    systems are so inefficient, Florida represents about 14 percent of the national waste of 212-billion kWh
    of electricity for these systems.
    P.O. Box 708594
    9192 South, 300 West, Suite 6
    Sandy, UT 84070
    For more information, contact:
    Wil Bigelow,
    Everclean Green, Inc.
    Mobile: 801-918-1339
    Office: 801-838-7956
    Office, Toll Free: 800-496-7719
    To put this in prospective, let’s ask this question: what would happen if we eliminated the waste in
    residential heating & air conditioning? These millions of systems would be operating at 412-billion kWh
    rather than 624. And Florida could be a big part in solving this problem.
    The corrections could be done if simple modifications were made to existing systems in the nation’s
    homes. To accomplish such a deed would be akin to taking millions of cars on the road and making them
    34-percent more efficient.
    Everclean Green, in association with a sister company, “The American Indoor Greening Institute,” is
    releasing to the press/public three reports on the size of the problem and how solutions could be
    implemented: (a) “Energy Hogs, The Scale Of The Nation’s Energy Problem,” (b) “Wasted Thinking,
    How Faulty Paradigms Waste Billions In The Nation’s Heating-A/C,” and (c) “A New Paradigm,
    Saving The Nation’s Energy Waste In Heating-A/C.
    Call for these reports at 800-496-7719 or make your request at:

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    I'm from Missouri.
    alot of verbage with no real product info.

    the blog link didn't work for me

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    Sounds like snake oil.

    You could try one on your home.
    I would think an Infinty control would report on the static getting high if the coil gets dirty pretty quick, if it doesn't work.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrianf View Post
    I'm from Missouri.
    alot of verbage with no real product info.

    the blog link didn't work for me
    Try this;

    There's another thread in the IAQ section,same title,getting a little more interest there,hopefully several will post on the blog.

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