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    The Great Thermostat Conspiracy/ The Stat Lies

    These comments originated in my Thread "Thermostat Issues".

    I now have validation from two others in addition to myself
    that recent digital thermostats have been programmed to
    delibrately lie to us!

    I just wanted to make this a little more obvious since
    its getting buried pretty deep in my original thread.

    From Jeff520:

    The stat lies!

    I have a TC803, and have found that it does not tell the truth in an apparent (programmed) attempt to make me happy with its accuracy and performance.

    The behavior I have observed is that whenever the ambient temperature is within about two degrees of the setpoint then the stat will tell me that the ambient temperature is at the setpoint.

    I can catch it at this "little white lie" by making a large ( five degrees or so) change to the setpoint, and the stat will then display the correct ambient temperature. To see this, you need to catch the stat when the ambient temperature has either overshot the setpoint by a degree or two, or when the ambient is approaching the setpoint with only a degree or two left to go. In both situations the stat will display the setpoint as being the ambient temperature until you make the big change to the setpoint and then the stat will display the true ambient.

    Had me fooled (dumb and happy) for a while just after the new system was installed. Then I checked the accuracy of the stat with a digital thermometer that displayed tenths of a degree and learned that the stat seems to have been programmed to report sucess with reaching the setpoint a little optimistically.

    From beenthere:

    Most of them. Just raise the temp 2 degrees, and it will report a different temp then it was reading before you changed it.

    A couple minutes later, they will revert back.
    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

    Just the other day, I noticed a beer missing from 'fridge. Right afterwards, I was walking down the hall, I thought I heard a burp. I turned towarded the direction of the sound and it was my thermostat. On closer inspection I found a beer bottle cap hidden behind it.

    I didn't know what to think of it, but as time went on I forgot about it. Then this morning, my wife walked by the thermostat in her night gown. She swore she distinctly heard it say, "You can play with my setpoint anytime!"

    They lie, cheat and steel, those tstats!

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    It's a "Funnywell" Honeywell. As someone on here said awhile back" Love em or hate em, still one of the best out there".

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    "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..."

    Liar, liar, stat on fire...

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    Big Brother

    Thanks you for your inquiry.

    The present temperature in the house has been judged
    by the HVAC council to be quite comfortable
    for human occupation.

    This is the message you get by pushing the
    button on the stat.

    Normally it just flashes

    Comfortable! Comfortable! Comfortable!
    in winter

    Thank Big Brother for heat!

    in summer

    Thank Big Brother for A/C!

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    Hey, it might not be long before that is the reality.....
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

    Midnight Sun Astrophotography

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    >that recent digital thermostats have been programmed to
    >delibrately lie to us!

    do you have the ability to adjust the display accuracy, up or down? I've done this to all installed Climatouch units and they match my Fluke instruments within 0.2-0.3 F

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    No its a 6 year old Chronotherm IV.
    And thats not in the installer menu.

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    I figured Kid Rock would have enough money so he wouldn't have to worry about jackin' around with his t'stat.

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    Kid Rock

    I have had phone calls from excited Teenage girls.

    Who seem to think that Kid Rock would have his
    phone number listed in the phone book!

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