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    Siemens Apogee Modbus


    Anyone know where I can get to the modbus device id and modbus address in Apogee? Is there a special program required to access the PXM?

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    There is a way to convert the modbus to bacnet/ip using fieldserver modules. I have never seen any modbus device directly connecting to insight.

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    Is this the PXX485 module on the left hand side of the PXC100?
    If so, the addressing for each of the ports is configured during the setup of the controller.
    This info could be accessed via HyperTerminal if you were to connect the controller to your computer. However, I would advise against it unless you have experienced doing this as you may end up cold starting the controller and wiping it.

    Another option, depending on the controller firmware revision, would be to connect to the controllers web page via Ethernet and see if you can find it there.

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    I'm new in the industry and I appreciate any help you could give to me. right now I'm working with a PXC 36 for High Level Interfacing , My current project is to read power meters (Carlo Gavazzi WM 14-96) this device is ready for modbus RTU communication like PXC 36. I don't know where to start. My co-employee said that I need to create an isb. file but how am I going to do that? Another is how can I be sure that the isb. file is correct or even what I am doing is right?, I have the software APOGEE Insight V 3.13 installed in my computer., I have been working with this project for months now and today i feel down because no matter how I am eager to search for technical docs or manual I just can't get the exact thing I need.

    I hope you could help me with this.

    Thanks, and God Bless

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