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    I am very interesting in making a career in the HVAC field as it stands now I have no prior HVAC work experience but Im willing to do as much work as it takes to get my foot in the door. I'm wondering if anybody can recommend me to a good school here in Atlanta or a company that offers some sort of apprentice program.

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    Contact these guys!

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    Two choices:

    1) Get with ALC controls in Georgia, they have some sharp people there, try to get in with that team.
    2) Get with the union, get into a shop that does plumbing and heating, get your plumbing license and mechanical license, try to get your boiler installer license while you are at it and if you are young - dumb - and - full - of - $$$$ you should have plenty of time. The secret HVACR is not that difficult to master, just have an open mind and study your ba##s off!
    Make your time worth while and get your licenses!
    Trade schools are great but dont go into massive debt. Degrees make great for sale sign backing when you have to sell off all of your stuff to pay for your schooling. I know I have several degrees. Instatutions train you well but nothing compares to the skill of a seasoned journeyman.
    My best bet is the UA they seem to have the best training nation wide.
    I do Refrigerant testing in Michigan let me know if I can help you!

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