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    Finally got the wiring redone and the settings set correctly. The line set was a pound low on fluid and the lineset was pintched. However, today I noticed that the pureair was installed incorrectly. Notice the filters are in backwards. Should be paper/lights/metal. 3rd service call.

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    some mistakes were made that should not have been made but it sounds like they are taking care of you , that is a nice system get the ten year parts and labor if you have not done so yet

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    Aprilaire 600

    Shouldn't the discharge unit be on the supply side, not the return side?

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    600 has no discharge side.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doublechecking View Post
    Shouldn't the discharge unit be on the supply side, not the return side?
    No, it don't matter.. I know a lot of us like to have the unit itself on the return.. That way if there is water problem, you won't be dumping water down into the furnace, and blower.

    On your transformer, I would of mount it inside the furnace, and not sure if they took advantage of the HUM hook up in the junction box or not?

    Here is mine.

    I see they hooked up the 2nd stage heat as they should of.. Hopefully they got the t-stat's advance settings set right.

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