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    Carrier Infinity vs Performance

    Im strongly considering changing out my current 48GS 10SEER Gas Pack (036-090) for a new Dual Fuel unit. The 48GS is 8 years old and needs to be 'fed' a new draft inducer (the existing one is rotten and probably wont make the upcoming winter) and of course the price of gas is skyrocketing. Both dealers have indicated 8-10 years is about all I should expect out of a builders grade unit. Ive already fed this thing a new control board a couple years ago. Getting the new unit gets me efficiency and a warranty. Am I crazy?

    If im not crazy.... The next choice is which unit? To spring for the 48XT Infinity and its 15 SEER and Infinity controls or save 'x' Franklins and go for the 48XZ 13 SEER Performance? Are there better options? Opinions? Options?

    The cost of energy here in Central NC is
    $8.81 Facility Charge
    $0.0855 per KWH
    $0.0770 per KWH over 800 Nov-June

    $10 Facility Charge
    $1.72454 per therm May-Oct
    $1.77289 per therm Nov-Apr

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