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    Confused Oil furnace replacement

    I have a fairly new forced air oil furnace but with the price of oil I am thinking of replacing it. I was considering having electric heat put in but am not sure if it is a viable alternative and what type makes the most sense. (no natural gas out here.)
    The forced air always has my house so dry..what I'd really like is hot water heat.. is there electric hot water heating?
    Any information and help will be really appreciated. I would like to have this in place before cool Pennsylvania nights set in and want to be knowlegable when talking to contractors etc.

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    install a heat pump and use oil furnace for back up heat.

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    There's your answer

    Hot water heat isn't any "wetter" than forced air. A house is dry because of infiltration. If you have a slug of duct leaks from unconditioned space you could blame forced air but typically it comes from leaky windows, doors, insulation etc. I grew up in a 1911 house with hot water heat. Very comfy but dry as a bone!

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