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    Quote Originally Posted by markettech View Post

    Ok - since he's your cousin I'll be nice.

    Ice, it's nice to see that you're up and moving around a little.
    Thanks. Can't wait to be in the field again, but these legs just don't want to work. Well will let Al do some work and maybe you guys can teach him a thing or two. He says all I do is holler at him.
    RAM Teaching Tomorrows Technicians Today.

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    just pump down . put rest i yellow can blow the rest 5% no harm done.

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    Thanks for the answers. Yeah we do about 80% resi but we are re-locating these two and adding another beer cave and a new freezer. Fun work! All the new equipment showed up yesterday. The comparison between the old Miami made (is it FrostKing) foam core and the new wood 2x4 and foam core panels is monumental. I love the stuff we are relocating, not the new. Hope the mechanical isn't crap. We'll see.

    Owner asked if there was any problem with setting the new beer cave directly on his floor tile. Any comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwrscold View Post
    Hey M.T. still need us to cover for you this afternoon?
    I missed this yesterday.........what a waste of time THAT was.

    360 miles and 6 hours drive time to get hammered 10-0

    Thanks for covering for me though

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