Guy calls and says that he wants to get off propane heat. He has a 2 ton AC and a 50K propane furnace.

Over the telephone I suggest a heat pump, we talk about the why's of it all and so forth, and he agrees.

I do the load calcs and come up with 13,200 cooling and 24,350 heating. So the closest I can do is an 18,000 BTU system which give about 18,000 heating as well. New coil, cond, air handler, 7.5KW electric heat.

He and I go over the various numbers (real nice old guy) and talk about it.

The guy says: Well, why not just install a 2 ton? That will give me 24,000 BTU's for heating and I'm happy with the 2 ton AC I have now. And that will have me using the backup heat less and so saving money by running the heat pump more.

So at first I argue and talk about how important it is to have the AC sized correctly and so forth. But after a while - I start to see it his way: The 2 ton HP Will heat his house better and cheaper than the 1.5 ton. And, as he says; he is perfectly happy with the short cycling 2 ton AC.

BTW: He keeps it on 80 degrees - which isn't helping the short cycling any. <g>

I did think again about my two speed heat / one speed cooling idea. <g> Install two speed two ton and have the 24K heating he needs and the 12K cooling as well. But he doesn't want to spend the money for the two speed. Says he won't live to see it pay. He's 90. <g>

So . . . . . what do you all suggest?