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    Genie pump to remove condensation.

    Hi I'm a homeowner and I'm having a problem with one of my AC units turning off due to condensation back up. It turns out that the condensation lines in the attic that empty out into a bathroom sink, go over a structural beam and not through it. So because there is an up slope that the water must travel, the condensation in the line triggers off the unit that apparently sits lower than the beam. My installer thought the best solution is to install a Genie Pump that pumps the condensation over that beam. Is this a good solution? It looks to me like I am in trouble if the pump fails. The pump looks like it would overflow if it doesn't start up. I am wondering if a better solution would be to raise the furnace/blowers a few inches to create that needed down slope? Please advise.

    Sorry the correct manufacturer of the pump is Little Giant. VCMA-20UL
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