Our compressor went out on our 18 year old Carrier Duel Fuel Heat pump over the 4th of July.

3 professional quotes later, I am still having a hard time making a decision.

Option 1: Builders model Carrier 13SEER R22 Compressor/Coil/Furnace
(This will tap my budget, but I won't need any financing)

Option 2: Go the the new stuff. Rheem 16SEER 410A Compressor/Coil/Furnace
with new lines.
(This goes over my budget, will need to finance somehow, but we do plan on staying in the home for at least 10 years)

Option 3: One dealer had a used 10SEER Heat Pump compressor that he could swap out with the bad one. The compressor has 1 year left on a warranty, but of course the rest of my unit is vulnerable if things go wrong.
(initial price is well within my budget)

One other question. Can you clean your existing lines instead of replacing them if you are going from R22 to 410a??

Thanks in advance for your time,