I am a homeowner in NC and I have decided to replace my 41 year old Lennox oil furnace and 22 year old Lennox AC unit with a high efficiency gas furnace (we already have a gas line into the house for our hot water) and a new AC unit. The house is a ranch with 2000 sq ft on the main floor and 500 finished sq ft in the basement.

We have received several estimates and have narrowed it down to 2. Both contractors have excellent reputations in the area and one of them has performed necessary service on our current furnace and AC unit a few times over the past few years. Both contractors spent a good deal of time asking/answering questions and seemed pretty thorough in their review of our house and its heating/cooling needs. The estimates are only $50 apart, so price is really not an issue.

Here are the two options:

Option 1 (from the contractor who has serviced our current equipment):
Goodman AC Unit: GSX130481A, 13 SEER, 4 ton
Goodman Furnace: GMH951155DX, 95% efficiency

Option 2:
Lennox AC Unit: XC13-042 air conditioner and C33-48C coil
Lennox Furnace: G51MP-48C-110, 92.5% efficiency

Right now I am leaning slightly toward the Goodman because of the existing relationship with the contractor and the longer warranty; however, some of the comments that I have seen on this message board about Goodman products concern me.

Any suggestions the experts on this board could give me would be greatly appreciated. You experts on here do a great job of explaining complex things in a manner that we homeowners can understand and I have already learned a great deal by reading your comments on other threads. Thank you.