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    Blower speed on Goodman

    Ok guys I need help. Goodman 115K furnace (GSM), brand new installation, dip switches 1 and 2 "ON" (high cool speed) from factory, Green LED flashing 10 (1000 CFM) The instalation manual says with both switches "ON" the motor should turn about 1900 RPM but the motor housing list it as only a 1075 RPM motor. I need 1800 CFM for 4.5 tons. This is a factory setup, supposed to be matched to the condenser and the A coil. Where do I go from here?

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    Nothing you have posted makes any sense. The GMS furnace is a single stage, multi-speed blower furnace. What dip switches are you referring to?

    What brand 4.5 ton cooling system are you referring to? At what static pressure are you looking for 1800 cfm of air? Does this furnace have return ducting to either the bottom of the furnace or both sides of the furnace as required for over 1600 cfm of air?

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