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    Sound absorbing material?

    My furnace/ac is in a small hallway closet designed for it.
    Below it is a fairly large air return cavity.

    What's a good board or sound absorbing material for attaching to the studs down there? Obviously I don't need material that absorbs low frequency.

    I've visited some sites where they want way too much for their material.
    I can afford more than inexpensive 4x8 sound board tho.


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    You could try this-

    or this one-

    Cut it with a duct knife to size and use spray glue and tacks to hold it in place.
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    you can check this stuff out
    bloody expensive tho

    the other option is a lot cheaper. You insulate the wall with fiberglass insulation, then hang 1/2" wood fiber board (your local Drywall or roofing supply store will have this), then hang 5/8" drywall over the top of the wood fiber.

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