I didn't see where I could post looking for a contractor. I've learned a lot on these forums, and appreciate the knowledge as a home owner, and with that in mind, looking to get quotes for a mod/con boiler to replace our 40 year old boiler with a possible dual zone setup.

I'm not a crazy home owner looking for someone to install online purchased equipment, I just want a regular straight bid, I am not sure how much the cost will be, so I will consider paying for a bid to have a manual D review, reccomendations, and bid.

Again, I'm not looking for pricing or anything online, just an old fashioned bid in person, and I've seen some of the good work people have done on here, so I want to be sure I have someone/company that knows what they're doing.

I apologize if this is against the rules or appeared improper, but I think it might be a good idea to have a section for home owners to seek contractors. I know there is a wet head/hydronics/boiler forum somewhere that they do have a section explicitly for this purpose, but I can't find it, and I've been a member (for 6 years! for learning purposes only!) of here for a while, and wanted to give you all first crack at it.

The House is in north Bronx, NY; it's a townhouse/semi-attached... close to Westchester county.

Thanks, Bill