I am having the following Lennox sytems installed today:

First Floor - XC15-036-230 A/C, CX-34-43C Coil and G61MPV-36C-090 VS Furnace

Second Floor - XC15-030-230 A/C, CX-34-38A-6F Coil and G60UHV-36A-070 VS Furnace

I am also getting two VisionProIAQ thermostats (based on recommendations from this board).

I am comfortable that the system is sized right and that the installers know what they are doing, and the installation is going fine (as far as I can tell).

However, the installers are not very familiar with the IAQ thermostats. How do I make sure the thermostats are wired and set up correctly to take advantage of all of their capabilities (i.e. cool to dehumidify, reduce blower spped, etc.)? What fan settings should I use (on, auto, circulate)? Any questions I should ask the installers? The owner's manual is not very helpful.

Thank you for your help.