Hey guys looking for some help.Been a residential installer for 15 years, recently switched to service due to lack of new construction. So I,m doing an initial start up and charging a newly installed ruud condensor and coil. 30 feet of lineset so I know it will need alittle R-22. Ilook at the gauges to find the suction side is reading a vacuum.I assumed this meant I had a restriction somewhere. Took the cover off the indoor coil and found that 3 of the 6 capillary tubes are cold and 3 are warm. when I removed my gauges I found the suction side released nothing when I depressed the schader. After reclaiming the gas I cut the suction line outside and ran 200 psi of nitrogen thru the high side and it blew freely out of the open line.What do I have here a restriction in the coil, a bad txv, or am I all together wrong and missing something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.