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    Talking nearing an end to my heat pump search

    BaldLoonie and whoever else want's to chime in:

    I'm SE of Indy, and I've been kicking around the idea of a heat pump (as you can see from a few previous threads).

    Again, I have a ~1100 square ft home, ok as far as how tight it is, it has a few drafts that should be taken care of in the next year or so.

    Looks like I'm leaning towards a 16 seer, 2 ton heat pump with electric backup, 15kw.

    I'm kind of torn between a...
    goodman (single stage, variable speed, 9.5HSPF, 10yr parts/labor, lim life compressor war) and a
    carrier (two stage, variable speed, 9HSPF, 10yr parts/labor, 10yr compressor war, "locally" made).

    Let's pretend price of the heat pumps doesn't matter, since if it did I couldn't mention it. Help me answer the following questions:

    1) Am I making the right decision getting rid of LP? (I'm checking my co-op rates to IPL, Duke tomorrow) I've been told we get an deduction for all electric, and rebate to go to heat pump.
    2) What are the pro's and con's of each brand? I really hate asking that question. but based on this forum, other websites, and personal referrences I wouldn't be going wrong with either unit, if price didn't matter.
    3) I keep hearing, that brand isn't as important as the installer, while I understand that concept, I have to elude to a question I asked in a previous do I know that this person is going to install it correctly? How do I determine (beforehand, not hindsight) that a person/company is/has hack's or not? How do I know I'm not going to get a hack?
    4) Lastly, scroll vs. reciprocating compressors? Pros, Cons?
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    Carrier air handlers are made here, heat pumps are made in Collierville TN.

    I'm not sold on the 2 stage super stuff around here. Unless money is no object, I think the single stage units are a wiser investment. Look at all the numbers besides SEER, look at heating output at 47 and 17 out, look at HSPF. Look for the highest of all categories.

    I'd guess you are in the boonies? Are your prospective dealers from the metro or are they small town? E-mail me and I might be able to research them for you.

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    BaldLoonie, I will email you soon, I'm somewhat in the boonies...I can get SE side contractors to my house...really I'm not that far from Indy...just far away to get no NG, Cable, or my roads plowed....I was just far away enough to have low taxes until the debacle this last year...I should move out of state...that's beside the point though.

    I got my co-op rates...and will evaluate that today...the contractors I talk to, 50% so keep LP for Back-Up 50% say can it........what the I going to be comfortable in this home with an all electric system or not? Is the VS going to circulate the air to keep it "feeling" warm or not? They just don't seem to agree with each other.

    I'll email you today hopefully.

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    Alright everyone, I got the rates....since I'm on co-op I'm about 60% higher than IPL and Duke ~$0.05 vs. ~$0.08. Duke and IPL's drop off better at higher usage too. So the I'll have to do some work to figure out to can the propane or not???? Any suggestions on calculations....or how can I estimate my kWh's to go to all electric heat???? Ask somebody nearby with a similar sized home???

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