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    moving to tx what to expect??

    Ok well in just a short 44 weeks i will be moving to abilene tx. Anyone from that area, and what can i expect? I currently live in AZ have now for 17 yrs i have put up with 122 deg days and 100deg nights as well as going from 2-3% hum to 78% hum. so i am use to alot but not real sure what i should expect as far aswhat type of work is out there ect. Just give me a feel for whats out there, what are the other techs like what is there lvl of exp and desire to do it right , thx in advance all.
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    WHY Abilene? I've lived their 3 times over the last 25 years. Wife is from their.its a lot cheaper to fly her home ever 4- 6 mnths pay is very low. property taxes very high but taxes suck every were. Watch the for the employer that cant seem to get enough help they will hose ya in a heart beat In Abilene your mostly treated like a Dog. theirs not a lot going on their unless you are into cutting horses. Pay towards Dallas seems to improve I currently live in the mid west and the pay has doubled from Abilene . and life is grand . good luck ace.

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    It's not the most exciting place in Texas. Pay is very low The two bigger Co. they cannot be taken @ their word for what ever it's worth a lot of B.S. would never live their again. lol T
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