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    Slow down the fan speed?

    I have been asking many questions lately and have an additional one:

    My 3 ton AC is oversized for my 1100 square foot home (might even be 1000 ft based on my measurements). The ductwork is also undersized for this AC, but is probably sized correctly for the house. It is a 16 inch x 6 inch main duct and 5-inch ducts coming out of the air handler and also off the main duct.

    Can the fan motor simply be slowed down so that the AC runs longer and is not so noisy in the ducts? Or will this make it too little air flow across the coil causing it to freeze?

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    A good contractor can evaluate your system and determine the current air flow over the evaporator and the static pressures. If appropriate, alot of motors have multiple taps to adjust the fan speed. Don't try this yourself because lowering it to much will cause more problems then the current ones you have.

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    Second opion I agree with Daltex lowering the fan speed will not help it will only cause you problums call a good contractor with ref's and get the propperly sized unit and remember the old saying you can't put 100 lbs in a 50 lbs bag and thats what your doing with a over sized unit. it's a wast of energy, and money, please call a contractor in the hvac field.

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