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Thread: 20 Degree split

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    Well lets see!

    Quote Originally Posted by thegoodlistener View Post
    What is Canadian dream? It is an ever changing world it is now known as a global economy.
    I have been on 2 vacations this year 3rd one coming in August. Go to lake lot every weekend, Bills are getting paid. Money in bank. Have 6 newwer trucks oldest is 2004. Paid cash for last 2( brand new 2008 and 4k miles on 2007)Move into a bigger shop this year. Live in a 2200 sq' house that has just about been totaly restored. Just been awarded some nice jobs. Beer and smokes taste a hell of lot better. That is the Canadian Dream. By the way I was not insulting the United States. I am just pointig out that you cannot take things for granted these days. Tommorow I could be stuck woking out of town like I did not so long ago.
    Do it right the first time.

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    Well to me it sounds like your dream has come true ,my goal is somewhat similar to make more and work less.

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