It's amazing how this thread turned into a "recip vs. scroll" discussion....anyway, I'll put a recip up against a scroll anytime! Recips were around before all of us on this forum, and are still proven to perform. Copeland has done a good job on convincing most everyone that the scrolls are better. There are a lot of old recips still performing out there, older than a lot of scroll powered units, and will probably outlast the scrolls still. I replace more failed scrolls than recips and most of them in newer units, especially "rheem/ruud" units. Granted part of them are do to the improper installation of the equipment, or homeowners not changing filters, I don't think the scrolls can hold up to a recip. I'm not directly trashing "rheem/ruud", Just my opinion based on my 20 years experience. Go ahead and trash me, 2 cents.