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    Trane evap coil leaks

    I had a Trane XL16i 5-ton heat pump and 4TEE3F65 air handler installed in Nov 2004. Since then I have had the evap coil replaced 4 times - once each year since the install. The coils keep developing pin holes leading to leaks. The tech that was out told me that a Trane rep told him that I should have an indoor air quality check done as the air in my home is likely causing the problem. I disagree with this as the Carrier system that was in place for 8.5 years prior still had the original evap coil and no leaks. The old Carrier used R22 freon and the new Trane uses 410A.

    Has anyone seen such issues with Trane evap coils? I understand that Trane has an all aluminum evap coil. Would this help?

    I am thankful I have a 10-yr P&L contract but the higher electric bills and inconvenience of being in the "coil of the year" club are wearing thin. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sounds like there might be something else going on. One of the reasons I install all aluminum coils is because of their reliability. I'd get a 2nd opinion.
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    have you seen the leaky coils when they are taken out?

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    yea they got problems.

    Just try to get them to say it

    just changed the second coil in a 3 year old 410 system

    the all aluminum coil is the replacement coil of record
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    I'd get a second opinion from another company. Make sure there isn't a leak somewhere else. I've never heard of that many replacements in that short of time. Are they doing a leak search with an electronic leak detector in the coil?

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    Thanks for all of the input. To answer all of your questions:

    Yes - I have seen the leaky coil when it was taken out
    Yes - they did perform a thorough electronic leak detector test each time. I watched the last 2 times. The leak is always on the evap coil.

    I also found out one of my neighbors has a newer Trane system with the 410 system and is on her second coil in 3 years.

    I am not sure why I should get a second opinion as I have not paid a $ for any of these replacement coils as the parts and labor were covered under a 10-yr contract. I would think they would want to get it right so they are not spending so much time on a job they are not making money on but I may be wrong.

    Poking around on the internet it seems there is an issue with the 410 refrigerent and copper coils. I am going to insist they install an aluminum coil if this happens again.

    Thanks again!

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