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    Heat Pump based Boiler/Hot Water

    While looking around for options to heat and cool a ranch home in PA I found that the UK/Europe have some heat pump solutions for both Boiler/Radiant systems and hot water.
    I am aware of heat pump based hot water heaters, however this was the first time I have seen them in a standard split style setup. With the new interter technology driving mini splits it would seem that these could be a good solution to replace an oil based boiler in moderate climates.

    Do we have any products like this in the US?

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    keep in mind, that Europe has been ahead of us for a long time.
    And that energy is far more expensive in many places in Europe. So they also tend to put on sweaters instead of turning their thermostat to 65, they leave it at 60 or 62°F.

    Many of those air to water heat pumps only heat the water to 131°F, which in some homes is not enough to get the house above 65°F. So a second heater must be used.
    If you use the air to water heat pump for water temps above 131°F, you shorten its life span.

    This is from the Daikin website.

    It will eventually be used over here.
    Contractor locator map


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