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    Confused Bump Coil???

    I am replacing my 20 year old Ruud furnace and AC Compressor. I am considering going with another Ruud UAPL Series
    Ruud Achiever Series 14 SEER Premium Condensing Unit Featuring R-410A Refrigerant and a UGTA Series
    Achiever 90 Plus Premium Downflow Gas Furnace. My contractor is reccomending I go with a "Bump Coil" in the furnace to boost my SEER to 15. Is that true? Is it a good idea? what are the possible reasons to consider not doing it? Is it worth the money? Any advice here would be appreciated.

    FYI I live in Modesto CA I am on PG&E and my average KWHR rate is around .28 and I can be as high as .36 for the last week od so of my billing cycle based on their baseline. my house is 2600 sq feet and I added R30 blown in insulation on top of my existing batting that had an unknown Rvalue. I am planning to install a 5 ton unit.

    Also my contractor is recomending I replace my ducts. They are in the crawl area, are 40 years old and have very little insulation on them. Is this a good idea or a scam? He says that I will get more efficient heating from oneside of my house to the other with out much varience in air temp (I have a one story ranch style and it is some distance from the furnace to the rooms on the other side of the house and they are much colder in the winter)

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    Has your contractor run a manual J to see just what size unit you do need to handle the load of your house? This is the best way to size your unit. If just doing it by square footage I would find another contractor.

    By a "bump coil" do they mean a larger coil? Never heard that term used around here. The only way to tell what SEER you would get out of a system is to match it an the ARI site. If you could give us the model numbers for the furnace, air conditioner and coil we could help with that.

    As far as the ducts go it would be a good idea to replace them if they are not insulated well and/or have leaks in them. I wouldn't imagine that 40 year old ducts are sealed very well.

    Find a good contractor that you trust and go with there recomendations.
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    The bump coil is an "aspen 5 ton bump coil" as for the other equipment RUUD UGTA downflow furnace is all I have and for the AC Ruud 5 ton UAPL Series
    Achiever Series 14 SEER Premium Condensing Unit Featuring R-410A Refrigerant is all I know. I have a call in to ask about the J calcs. I can say that I had 3 different companies come out to bid and they all recomeded the 5 ton unit, but that is what is currently there, so I can't say for sure any of them did actual calcs or just based it on what existed.

    Thanks for any help/advice

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    We would need the model numbers of all components, furnace, A/C and coil. Then I could tell if it is a match. Aspen coils are a match with different manufactures. Or just ask them for the ARI reference number for the match that shows 15 SEER.

    Also a huge percentage of the existing systems in this country are oversized. Make sure that you get yours sized properly, you will save on energy and be more comfortable.
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