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    Furnace Flu codes/specs

    Couple of questions here....
    1) Does the flu coming off the furnace have to go straight up or can it be bent and moved around?
    2) Does the flu have to maintain a certain distance from any structure and if so what is it? Can I possibly use any material to reduce that distance?

    Any help on these questions is appreciated. Thanks

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    mmmm....Id say your are in the wrong forum for technical Q's.

    ill just say 1 and 6, and 1"? per 4' forgot this one
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    There are many codes and rules for a flue. It is not somthing that you would want to mess around with as you could harm your family. It may be possible to do what you are asking but without seeing the job it is impossible to comment.

    Have a local contractor take a look to see what may be done.
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    Different vent categories have different requirements.

    As simple as running a flue may seem. Done wrong it can cause serious harm.
    Call a service tech/installer.
    The life you save could be your yours or your childrens.
    Contractor locator map


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