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    Suggestion for the moderator/pro members here


    I've found this site and it's members incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Wish I found it before I started my install.

    Any chance of getting a directory of the pros by region together?

    I know I would have definitely called most of the pro's that answered my Q's for my install if they were local. might be a good source of biz for the guys taking time out to answer our questons.

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    I am retired, - in my opinion they deserve the business! - Darrell

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    That's a really good idea, actually. Really good.

    It's funny. I've been in the trades my entire life. I was pouring concrete at the tender age of 12 with my old man. French Drain systems as a teen, kitchens and bathrooms in my low 20's, and pointing/general masonry for the next 10 years.... point?

    In all these years I still find HVAC a mystery. I know very few people who do it, fewer that do it right, and almost none who will donate the time to explain some of the trades intricacies. Even attempting to research the different hardware, prices, and math of the HVAC trade is extremely frustrating, as there doesn't seem to be a wealth of publicly available knowledge.

    Although I cannot speak of other areas, I know that here in Philadelphia we have a plague of "clowns" running around throwing in any old system as sloppily as possible. (in all fairness we have a twin plague of roofers who do the same...even as far as charging for a roof, sitting up there for an hour, and not installing anything.)

    I know this is a lengthy response, but permit me one example....

    ....a young girlfriend of my wife recently had a new condenser/coil/furnace and registers installed. I stopped by recently to give her an estimate on her steps. I almost fell over when I saw the unit. Her house is a 18 foot wide by 36 foot deep Philadelphia rowhome (or townhouse if you prefer). That means is connected to other homes on both sides leaving only the front and back explosed (for those who are unfimiliar, if that is possible, heh) It is two stories tall with an underground basement. It has 3 brand new windows on the front and 4 brand new windows on the back. One brand new door.

    The freshly installed unit out back of the home is nearly 4 feet tall with the circumference equal to the hood of mid-80's F-150. It is MASSIVE. I forget the brand, but it was one of the top 3 priciest (Trane, Carrier or Lennox I believe).

    You can guess the result. Her house does not cool properly. At all. This poor girl put out a kings ransom for this system and sweats in her 1st floor living room.

    If people like her....and me for that matter....had access to the same type of professional installers that we have here on this forum.....

    .....we'd be happy campers

    On that note let me say thank-you to the fellas on here that have been so helpful to me and others, and lend my wholehearted vote for the O.P.'s idea!

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    Another homeowner here. You no longer can think just because a condenser is big, that is is large tonnage. It may just be one of the more efficient models. They attain that efficiency by means of large components, in part -- that condenser could have been a Trane XL19i in 3.0 ton size and been every bit as large as the 5.0 ton unit. If you inspect the model number there usually is a 3-digit sequence which contains a multiple of 12. That would be the nominal rating in thousands of btus/hour, and 12,000 btuh equals one "ton" of cooling. So if you look at mine, the number "036" in there identifies my system as 3.0 tons.

    You are right, there is an awful big gap between the way HVAC is commonly done, and the elite level of quality usually discussed on this board. Some people want to be the best in their field and they tend to be the type of people who post here.

    Best of luck -- Pstu

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    We used to have that on here but been gone for some time. Sure would be a nice feature for the pros and homeowners alike. There's another respected HVAC board that does have that but the contractors are almost all in one geographic area of the country.

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    GOOD TECHS will be helped by Informed HO's

    A lot of folks do not know their A/C or heat pump is not operating anywhere near its nominal BTUH Rating.

    Therefore, an informed person will provide a lot more service work for the good techs, because they will know something is wrong & they will qualify the company before a tech is permitted to make the service call.

    Therefore, here is a link to begin learning what you need to conserve energy & save on your monthly air conditioning costs.

    Follow the links at the bottom of the pages.
    It is illegal for unlicensed individuals to fool with the refrigerant system, like a $30,000 fine.

    A little knowledge might make the difference toward making your home mortgage payments, etc.

    All American's must begin an all out effort on the local level to conserve energy. Our government should be working at the county, town & township levels to reduce the terrible energy waste that exists!
    - udarrell

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