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    Quote Originally Posted by itshothere View Post

    A man that thinks he knows all, is a man without wisdom.

    Now I'm done in this forum!
    Many DIYers, are people without wisdom.

    Good luck, good bye.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    what a dumb@$$ , I love it though. I just wish I could be there when his over-confidence, bites him in the @$$. I as well sir, am making a good living fixing mistakes from people like yourself. Thanks for the job security, being un-employed, I bet you wish you had that.

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    Glad that capacitor did not zap him.....

    I wonder how much extra he will pay his utility company this month....

    He stated dirty coils....were they cleaned? Properly?

    Who checked the refrigerant charge after?

    And these so called customers wonder why no one wants to service them??

    Maybe that is why HVAC work costs so much...........

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