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    Hobart Freezer

    Customer recently had compressor replaced by another service company and they claim that it hasnt worked right since they did it. On arrival I find system low on refrigerant. I pressure test and find leak in suction service valve at compressor. Pick up new valve and also install cpr valve for hot pull downs. The company that replaced the compressor also installed new cap tubes. This system has 2 cap tubes and common suction back to compressor. Compessor m# kamb-007e-iaa-800. Name plate on freezer calls for 20ozs 502. After installing cpr and suction service valve and evacuation I weigh in 18 ozs 408 for starting point. Start up and adjust cpr to maintain right under 10.1 amps which is the rla of compressor. Suction pressure before cpr has pretty much pegged guage. Suction pressure after cpr at 5psi. So I recover some of charge and get pressure to 40psi before cpr. Im not understanding why its stacking my refrigerant so much in the evaporator. Its almost like they installed the wrong size cap tubes. The only way to get suction any lower than 40 is to open cpr but then compressor trips pretty quickly. What am I doing wrong fellows. Thanks

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    Set CPR to 120% of the FLA or it may never pull down. If Ol tripps at 120% the compressor has issues. I bet you are in a very high ambient.
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    I would call Hobart and make sure the compressor is correct. If so then I would order new cap tubes. I think your on the right road.

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    That compressor has POE oil. Change capillaries and flush the lines with R-11 flush to rid the residue or change lines.

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