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    Installation problems

    I've been reading the threads on what brand is best, and what most of you say is that it really depends on whether the equipment is installed properly. So my question of the day to the experts is: What can go wrong with the installation, and what types of questions should I ask (besides asking for references) that would help me evaluate whether the contractor can install the unit so I don't have any problems. Thanks.

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    Really depends on the type of install, attic is probably the worst. Improper install could lead to collapsed ceilings if there is a water leak. Shoddy work can lead noisy system that leak as much air as they deliver. Ask around there are plenty of reputable contractors that will stand behind thier work. There are however, plenty of hacks out there that will leave you warm in summer and cold in the winter.

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    check here he's one of the good guys;

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    What can go/be wrong? ACT ONE

    Duct problems are epidemic in our area. Wrong size unit,(usually oversized) low SHR capabilty because of the SEER brain washing. One we see often is improper drain safety installation, they won't shut the equipment off if ever needed. Wrong circuit breaker, improper refrigerant line size. Failure to evacuate system. System not charged correctly. Improper drain trap location. Undersized filter. No or undersized secondary drain pan. Excessive condensation, saturated indoor unit insulation. Elevated discharge temperatures, mold growth in plenums and sweaty grills. No permit. Slow to no response when there is a problem.

    On the over sizing: an over sized unit will still cool even if there are duct leaks and the refrigerant charge is wrong or the condenser discharge air is restricted or ............................

    A properly sized system requires a proper installation which requires, competance, integrity and commitment.

    My personal experience is that we usually mention things that the others fail to cover which some customers view with skepticism because no one else talked about widgets.

    Heatloads reduce the number of sales calls that can be ran in a day.

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