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    RUUD/Rheem R410A 3ton unit/4ton coil no?

    I was considering a 3 ton R/U ANL/APL unit with a 4821 coil, but I notice that combo no longer appears on Rev3 of the docs effective 4/08.

    Can this still be done, and what are the issues? Thanks!

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    I don't see either combo listed in the ARI directory, but a Rheem/Ruud dealer might have a better answer for you. I searched for UANL-036 and CFL-A*4821 and UAPL-036 and CFL-A*4821 FWIW. Is that the coil you were looking at?

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    Yes, the *CFL 4821 is the coil -- nice 8.55 sq.ft. face area.
    It was on the charts with the *ANL/*APL units until April.

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    Why do you want the 4 ton coil for a 3 ton A/C? Bigger coils mean more surface area, warmer coil temp, less latent. Fine for the desert but not areas with humidity. The current spec sheet is revision 6. No 4 ton coils listed for 3 ton RANLs. I looked at revision 0, the earliest spec sheets for the RANL, only matched to 3 ton coils then.

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