Would anyone be able to share with me some information related to vertical loop lengths for Ground source in Pa (We are near Quakertown).

Our GSHP vendor seems to be a little generic in terms of suggestion and has put us in a situation where we need to get our own drilling company and work in-between the teams to get our system installed. We are putting in one 5-ton and two 2.5 ton ClimateMaster units. Our GSHP vendor seems to have gone with 150ft/ton, and we are just wanting to be absolutely sure that this is correct for our area, with the goal that these things run all winter with as little emergency oil used as possible (we have existing hydro-coil backup).

1. I think in a previous thread 150/ton was the ballpark number for each loop. there will be three separate loops. For Pa, is that OK?

2. Is there merit to increasing the loop length or number of bores some percent / length that would hedge our bet (or assure that we don't end up with too little heat exchange capacity in the winter?

3. How would depth figure into this calculation? Would deep(er) bore holes with less length be better or worse than more holes and less length?

4. The tough one> Does anyone in this geographic region have representative sample numbers (temperatures) for Entering/Leaving water on: (5-ton, 2.5 ton units) that they can compare to their loop length/bore hole size for me?

Any data? or thoughts? links to other threads anywhere?