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Thread: Time to replace

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    Don't envy you mate, been there and done that, got the sore back to prove it. Nasty piece of work. Unit was working fine just cost a couple of grand a month to heat the house. What's really scary is that the rest of the house was in about the same state of upgrade too. Nice to own a house for 75 years and never change a thing. LOL....

    PS: Unit we changed the owner wanted to hack in a used 30 year old Lennox he bought at a garage sale. Almost p*ssed myself laughing when he showed it to us. Came complete with holes in the hx, I guess for higher efficiency. One doesn't need all that payed for heat exiting via the chimney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallynut View Post
    It is a total gravity furnace, very quiet with old Gordon
    gas burner, 750 millivolt powerpile generator.
    Oh, I know there's no fan, just curious how much air one of those beasts ends up moving via convection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Adder View Post
    Don't envy you mate, been there and done that, got the sore back to prove it. Nasty piece of work .
    Good thing about this job is the asbestos abatement Co
    will do complete removal. I have already recieved there quote for furnace, duct and asbestos removal. $ 2000.
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    Looks like an octopus, I did a job like that a few years back only the furnace was 4'x5'x6' and the take offs were galvanized and not such the nice color you have there. Are you includeing painting your duct work in the bid so it matches?

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    Looks to me like some thing from the WWII era, run Jews, run!!
    Just joking!
    I bet that thing weighs a ton. I have removed some of the older furnaces that were belt driven from the sixties. Those things were built to last and big as a horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcdntech View Post
    There are quite a few left on gas.

    Last one I saw running on oil was '94.

    Great selling feature: "sorry but this appliance is only 80%safe"

    Had to leave the "ring" in more than one basement.

    Wished I had a camera; years back saw one a homeowner rednecked a wooden plywood box with a delhi blower and motor on it. Classic

    Pretend forced air

    I actually tore one out last year that was running on oil, and still running. Had a newer Beckett on it though. It was a conversion.....

    Sawdust to oil conversion, complete with an Iron Fireman feeder and hopper.

    I lived in an apartment/ row house where some "smart guy" hacked on a belt drive blower motor and fan cage to one... I laughed my ass off the first time I saw that.

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